Web Site Design

I believe that a Web site can be both functional and attractive. If you browse the Internet, you’ll see lots of sites that are pretty plain, no flair, no style, and certainly not much in the way of artistic appeal. In other words, boring. Well, I don’t think a site needs to be boring in order for it to be easy for a visitor to use. Think about it this way. When you go to a Web site, what do you notice first? Chances are that the very first thing is the appearance. So, shouldn’t it capture the viewer’s attention?

I do not take the “cookie cutter” approach to designing sites. When I talk with a client, I ask them what they want the site to look like and suggest that they find ones on the Internet with an appearance and layout that they like. Then I take it from there, building a site that reflects their personal tastes.

WordPress Site Design

WordPress is free, open-source Web software that can be used to create Web sites and blogs. There is virtually no limit to what one can look like, and with the many thousands of available plugins and add-ons, most of which are also free, there isn’t much that you cannot enable one to do.

Nowadays, the majority of people who surf the Web do so on a mobile device. Therefore, it is a smart idea for your Web site to be designed so that it will look good on all devices. For this reason, I now recommend to all my clients that their Web site be created using WordPress. When creating a site using WordPress, I start with a theme that is responsive to the size of the screen upon which the site is being viewed, meaning that it’s fully mobile-device friendly. The site you are now looking at was created with WordPress, though it was extensively customized from the original appearance. If you aren’t already, take a look at it on a smaller screen, including a smartphone (or reduce the size of your browser window). It automatically adjusts to the screen size. If you’re already on a smartphone, look at on a larger screen to see the difference.

Below are some links to a few of the Web sites I have designed.

Live Web Sites Built with WordPress

mthayer.com   America’s Acres Health Products
Reconnective Healing Source    Terry Mercer Photography

Other Live Web Sites

FullCircleCounseling.com    SparkleLaundry.com
MDsChoice.com    MagCal-Plus.com    KigerHorse.org

Discontinued & Unfinished Web Sites
These sites have either been taken down for one reason or another or the new site design was never completed. The links go to copies of the front pages and are for display purposes only. Any links on those pages will not work. Though they are not active sites, I’d recommend that you take a look at them, particularly the first two, which were designed for the same company.

GlucosamineFacts.com    Totally Equine
Stephanie’s Cruise & Travel