Affordable Graphic & Web Design
That’s Eye-Catching, Not Boring

Thayer’s Graphic & Web Design, founded in 1994 as PC Graphics & Prepress, is located in Salem, Oregon and serves customers throughout the U.S. My goal is to provide individuals and businesses with Web sites, advertisements, business cards, and product packaging that are eye-catching and appealing. I believe that an appealing design can be as important as word content when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention.

However, I also realize that, in today’s economy, not everyone can afford to pay a lot, which is why my rates have remained significantly lower than what many other graphic design and Web site design companies charge.

Please feel free to browse this site and take a look at a few examples of my work. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project, please call or contact me using the contact form. Phone consultations are always free.